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Why you need us

Imagine seeing your loved one in a medical emergency, do you have the basic First Aid skills required to keep him/her alive till you get to the Hospital ???


Studies from different Authorities have shown that:


  • Over 90% of all adults in Nigeria do not know how to effectively apply First Aid in medical emergency cases.
  • More than 600 school children (Primary & Secondary) have medical emergency cases daily in schools in different parts of Nigeria.
  • There are more than 200,000 cases of different medical emergencies in different hospitals in Nigeria annually (about 550 emergency cases daily).
  • Also about 5% of patients that present at the A&E departments of our hospitals die; 23% of such emergencies are due to Road Traffic Accident.
  • 20% of those brought to the hospitals die within the first 24 hrs from the time of the accident (3.6% dead on arrival). Most of the deaths are due to late presentation or due to poor first Aid care they received before getting to the hospital
  • 12% of all medical emergencies in children are due to febrile convulsion and 53% of them must have received some sort of local concussion or the other before presenting which worsens the outcome in the hospital.
  • Globally, 17.3m people (0.2%) die annually from heart diseases including heart attack which is a common medical emergency.


Also, according to the FRSC statistics, about 6,000 people die annually from Road Traffic accident in Nigeria while about 40,000 others sustain various degrees of injuries from road crashes yearly. This shows that about 13% of all accident victims in Nigeria die from the accident.

In Nigeria, there is almost no Paramedic care; the first care after an accident is usually at the hospital and the journey to the hospital could run into hours considering several challenges. The importance of emergency care training therefore cannot be over emphasized in this environment. Our training is invaluable to every adult because in medical emergencies, every second counts.

With our training, you will be well equipped with the basic First Aid skills required to keep a loved one in a medical emergency alive and stable till you get to the hospital.


Seeing your Loved one in an emergency situation can be horrifying …..

feeling helpless is worse.


First Aid knowledge isn't expensive, it’s priceless

This engaging and practical training covers the 15 most common emergency situations. At the end of the 4 hour training, you’ll know precisely how to deal with the emergency situation before the paramedics and first responders arrive. You’ll also receive a manual book to remind you of the correct techniques after the training.

Did you know that it is wrong to:
- Pour water on an unconscious patient in order to wake him up…
- Give water to someone that is choking while eating in order to stop the choking…
- Put spoon or stick in the mouth of someone convulsing in order to save him from dying…
- Rub palm oil or engine oil on someone who has suffered from burns…
- Tell someone bleeding from the nose to raise his head up and backwards…

Performing CPR in adults (Pics 2)