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What our clients are saying about our trainings

Last week my 2 year old son started choking while eating and my husband was not in town. He was gasping for air and was helplessly looking at me to help out. Thanks to the training I had with GHM. I immediately gave him about 5 back blows and he vomited out the food particles. It was a terrifying experience for me but thank God I was able to handle the situation comfortably well. – Mrs Amaka

Good evening all. My wife and I went for swimming last Sunday and while at the pool, one of the young boys at the pool with us probably hit his head somewhere at the edge of the pool and lost consciousness while underwater. Luckily, some of his friends noticed the accident immediately and started shouting for help. Unfortunately, the life guard was not anywhere close-bye at the moment so I decided to help out.

We managed to bring the boy out of the water but at that point, he was unconscious and we could hardly feel the respiratory movement and heart beats. I immediately carried out CPR on him and within minutes, he coughed and started moving. His friends then took him to their car and left for the nearest hospital.

Thanks to the skill we learnt from you, that was a life saver. - Louise

My last trip to the East was a horrible experience. Around benin bye-pass, we met a ghastly motor accident involving a bus and a private car with so many people injured and few others unconscious. I saw how they were moving those unconscious people around without any head support, I had to help out and let them know that such could cause more harm to the unconscious. I equally used my skill to help those seriously bleeding till FRSC came and took them all away to the hospital. – Mr Frank Uzor