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Welcome to Golden Hour Medics Ltd

First Aid knowledge isn't expensive, it’s priceless

This engaging and practical training covers the 15 most common emergency situations. At the end of the 4 hour training, you’ll know precisely how to deal with the emergency situation before the paramedics and first responders arrive. You’ll also receive a manual book to remind you of the correct techniques after the training.

What are the days and times for the trainings?

Our training can be done on any day of the week (Mondays to Sundays) between 8am to 6pm. Sunday trainings however, is done between 1pm and 6pm. Feel free to choose any day and time of your choice.

Can the training be done at night?

The training lasts for 4 hrs so the latest time for commencing any training is by 3pm so it can be concluded by 7pm.

Is the training a one-off training or can it be repeated over some days?

Yes the training is a one-off training that lasts for 3 hrs but if you have any question after the training or need further clarifications on any of the topics we trained you on, feel free to always contact us.

Can one single payment cover training for more than one person?

No, each person has to pay for his or her training.

Who we train?

We train:

  • Parents – in case their children or spouses have a medical emergency,
  • Older children – in case their younger siblings or parents have a medical emergency,
  • Teachers – in case their students have a medical emergency while in school,
  • Nannies & Caregivers – in case the children they look after have a medical emergency,
  • Corporate employees (eg Corporate guards, Restaurant staff, Airline staff, Commercial bus drivers, Hotel staff etc) – in case any of their client, passenger or guest have a medical emergency etc

Our training can be done at the comfort of your Office/School/Home or at any of our training centers around you.

2. Will I receive a certificate after the training?

Yes we give a certificate of Participation. Our training will enable you get the First Aid skills required to handle any common medical emergency at home or workplace.

How much is the training?

The cost of the training depends on the number of people to be trained but it is quite affordable.

Can the training be done outside Lagos?

Yes. We have Teams in Abuja and Rivers to facilitate the training when needed.

What is the minimum and maximum number of people that can be in one training?

For effective participation which will enable the clients participate fully in the training, the minimum number of people in each 4hr training session is one while the maximum number of participants is 30 (Adults and Teenagers).

How long does each training session last?

Each training session lasts for 3 hrs.

How do I pay to participate?

The payment is done at the point of training but just before the training starts.

Do you have a branch outside Lagos?

Currently we do not have a branch outside Lagos but our trainers can get to any part of the country and we shall be rolling out more branches in different parts of the country soon.

Can my children join in the training?

The training has to do with life thus; it will not be advisable for Children (less than 8yrs) to be taught such First Aid skills. They might try it out wrongly. However, teenagers 14 years and above can be taught some of the skills in case of any medical emergency.

Where is the venue for the training?

The training can be done at the clients home, office , or at our training center GRA Ikeja.

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