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Welcome to Golden Hour Medics Ltd

The Golden Hour Medics Story

We’re passionate about providing parents and caregivers with the skills they need to respond in the event that their loved one encounters a medical emergency.

Golden Hour Medics was launched by two Medical doctors (Doctors Ugo and Onyinye). The inspiration to launch GHM came as a result of the high rate of deaths due to poor medical care patients receive immediately after every medical emergency.

While working in different hospitals all over Nigeria and beyond; we experienced countless medical emergency cases ranging from Road Traffic accidents, to different types of unconsciousness in patients, choking, electrocution, near drowning, insect bites, heart attack, asthma attack etc. Over our combined 12yrs+ experience in medicine, we have attended to countless emergencies which have involved both adults and children. Unfortunately, some of the cases that presented to the hospital were not successful either due to late presentation to the hospital or they were not given the basic first aid care during the crucial first few minutes of an emergency. In clear contrast to our Nigerian experience, Our experience at the emergency department of Kings College Hospital in the UK , showed that patients who present to hospital with some form of treatment done at the site of injury by either the friends or paramedics have better outcome in the hospital. This is a huge gap in our emergency response system.

Too often, parents don’t have the basic First Aid knowledge to help their children or colleagues during medical emergencies. Instead, they watch, scream and pray (in a state of panic) for help to arrive. Seeing so many parents left helpless in cases of emergency really motivated us to launch the Golden Hour Medics.

We handle mainly First Aid training delivered exclusively by experienced Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics, designed to teach parents and caregivers how to respond calmly and confidently to the common first aid emergency situations before help arrives, using current first aid protocol presented in an easy-to-remember and entertaining format.

We are certified First Aid Training providers for Individuals and Organizations. Our team is made up of experienced Medical professionals working in partnership to deliver First Aid training at very affordable prices. We are members of the Nigeria Red Cross Society..

The cost of our training is extremely reasonable and provides value for your money. Our private training sessions can be delivered at a time suitable for you. The trainings are interactive and participants are encouraged to actively engage with questions, discussions and practical activities.

Parents also find our courses enjoyable and fun!


Call us today and stay prepared for the future.

And How to handle an unconscious patient without causing more injuries

The watch-word is Train yourself, train your spouse, train your caregiver and stay PREPARED.

  • We also educate our clients on how best to live a healthy lifestyle and the benefits. The essence of eating healthy and regular exercise
  • We do Medical checks on our clients (Blood pressure measurements, Pulse rate, Respiratory rate etc) and equally teach them how to do self checks and the essence.
  • We also handle weight management.
  • OUR VISION:To ensure that every adult in Nigeria is equipped with the basic First Aid skills required to manage every medical emergency.


- ,To be the largest CPR and First Aid training Organization in Nigeria,

- To put the health of our clients first in everything we do,

- To give quality cost effective First Aid training services,

- To use well trained and experienced medical professionals to deliver our services.